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The USS SAVANNAH (AOR-4) is the FIFTH ship commissioned in the United States Navy to bear the name SAVANNAH. Built by the Quincy Shipbuilding Division, General Dynamics Corporation, at Quincy, Massachusetts, her keel was laid down on 22 January 1969. SAVANNAH was launched slightly over 15 months later on 23 April 1970.

SAVANNAH is the 4th of a class of multipurpose replenishment ship's built for the United States Navy. USS WITCHITA (AOR-1), USS MILWAUKEE (AOR-2), USS KANSAS CITY (AOR-3), USS WABASH (AOR-5), and USS KALAMAZOO (AOR-6),along with the SAVANNAH, comprise the AOR-1 Class. Replenishment oilers are named by the Navy in honor of United States cities and rivers whose names are of American Indian origin.

SAVANNAH is a large ship - 657 feet in length, 96 feet in the breadth, and displacing 39,310 tons. Her crew numbers 29 officers and 459 enlisted men. Representing a "one stop store at sea," SAVANNAH carries a wide range of logistic supplies for our combatant ships of the atlantic Fleet.

Millions of gallons of fuel oil, and jet fuel are provided through large hoses suspended by cable highline. Ammunition, including missiles, are transferred by rapid conveyor methods. Frozen meats and vegtables are provided from two large freeze-chill compartments. Consumable items are essential to a ship's operations, such as paint, swabs, and paper are carried in other cargo storerooms, as are all the sundries found in a drug store. Finally, movies and mail are delivered to receiving ships.

As part of her capability, a helicopter langing deck is used for vertical replenishment. With a capability of a sustained speed of 20 knots, the ship is able to operate independently or as a fast replenishment task group.

Being the first multipurpose oiler to have Sea Sparrow missile, Sea Snake and CIWS defense capabilities has enabled SAVANNAH to establish an outstanding record or sussessful Airborne Towed Target shoots with a total of 13 TDU's destroyed by gunfire. As a result, she is known as the Navy's